About me

As an international communications executive with 20+ years of professional experience in international companies, I am passionate about leveraging key opportunities to tell a story in a way which drives specific business goals and objectives. Whether announcing a new product, navigating a crisis or building the company brand, my approach drives specific and measurable results. My experience spans pharmaceutical, energy or other sectors, where I strive to find clear solutions to complex business or reputational issues. With deep understanding of business goals, I am able to translate issues and opportunities into impactful narrative. Throughout my career I have cared about one thing: telling the right message the right way, with steadfast commitment to integrity. This approach makes me an effective communications executive, crises manager and spokesperson.
Colleagues describe me as having a unique ability to see the global landscape, anticipate risk and complexity, and advise them on detailed strategies to meet specific goals and objectives. Along the way, I strive to collaborate and co-create with team members at every level within the organization, making the experience of working with me effective and enjoyable, and one where I can return exponential value on investment.

Specific skills and expertise:
• Issues management
• Public relations
• PR
• Crisis management
• Risk mitigation
• Communications
• Writing
• Public speaking
• Marketing


How to build sustainable business model? Interview with Carolina Garcia Gomez (IKEA).
Can tourism be sustainable? Interview with M.Davolio Italian Association for Responsible Tourism.

My flying

A few years ago I discovered the joy of flying. I hold an EASA private pilot license and in the last few years I have had a chance to fly in several European countries.

Combining work and passion. Poland’s first cross country flight of an electric airplane.

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